Meeting your 'twins' born sep 27th the same year as you

I hope this isn't considered bad etiquette but I want to let you know about a web site I have developed that I think may be of particular interest to you. It is called and it matches up people with identical birthdates (same year as well as birthday) so they become penpals and share experiences to see how similar they might be. And it is all done without anyone else seeing your birthdate. I only started it two months ago and already well over 200 'twins' aged between 15 and 60 have been put in touch with each other. So please do give it a try and report back on the experience!
krisn täm

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I'm unsure if it's alright for me to join here, but I was born on the September 27th '83 (0150am too I think).

I am in the UK, and am probably boring or very weird (or selfcritical). I found here by way of exploring a bit, was surprised to find anyone else with my birthday on LJ as here.
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Another September 27th

So,here I am!
Name: Esther
Birthday: September 27th(duh!)

Well guys I wish to know about other famous people whose bday's the same than us. Just wanted to say hi and see who others were born that day.

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triple the excitement!

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alright, a community for the elitists on this earth! haha. i'm excited because in 8 months and 1 day, i'll finally be 21. but after that, september 27th will just be a reminder of how cool i am.